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svante pettersson

Swedish Lighting Evangelist Svante Pettersson started out as an electrician back in 1994. His fascination for the possibility to, just with lighting, change atmospheres in a simple room as well as well as his great interest in painting and sketching drove him to start study lighting design at Jönköping University. He graduated as a lighting designer in 2001 and has since then kept the role as Creative Director at Philips Lighting Nordic.

During this time Svante has been involved in all kinds of lighting projects. Everything from large scale outdoor monuments and spectacular light art, to innovative lighting design in regular home environments and lighting research.

He is also an enthusiastic and frequently hired speaker and a guest lecturer at a number of different design-, architect-, art- colour and lighting schools.

As a lighting inspirer Svante has been seen in various Nordic media such as magazines, newspapers and TV for the past decade.

In the Year of Light 2015 he released his book SEE THE LIGHT which is an inspirational book about light, light philosophy, lighting design and the art of getting to know your visual sense – in nature, architecture and interior.

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